M.Sc. Climate Change: Environment, Science and Policy

King’s College London (United Kingdom)

This MSc programme is designed to meet the need for multidisciplinary training in the study of Earth's environmental changes, both past, present and future. Focusing across the terrestrial, hydrologic and atmospheric components of the Earth system, the course covers both anthropogenic influences and natural variability and includes study of key techniques used by scientists and policymakers to investigate these issues and their potential effects. Suitable for those first degrees across a range of subjects, the programme is divided into "science" and "policy" streams, depending on student background and primary interest. The programme is designed to prepare graduating students for careers in environmental change research, consultancy and/or policy development.

Website: http://www.mastersportal.eu/studies/74356/climate-change-environment-science-and-policy.html; http://www.kcl.ac.uk/index.aspx