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Dr. Kristoffer Berse is an Assistant Professor at the National College of Public Administration and Governance (or BERSE2NCPAG). He has been involved in disaster and climate change work since 2002 and his work encompasses capacity building, research, knowledge management and teaching. He has a multi-disciplinary background in urban development and planning, environmental studies, and public administration.

With a PhD degree of Urban Engineering from the University of Tokyo, he handles mostly public policy courses at both undergraduate and graduate levels, including a special course on disaster governance. Outside of teaching and research, he serves as a consultant for government, civil society and international development organizations in areas broadly crisscrossing the intersections of sustainable urban development, public policy, climate change, and disaster risk management.

Recently, he wrote a chapter on the role of interurban cooperation in humanitarian aid for the book "Crossing Borders: Governing Environmental Disasters in a Global Urban Age in Asia and the Pacific” (Springer, 2018). This multidisciplinary book examines the diverse ways in which environmental disasters with compounding impacts are being governed as they traverse sovereign territories across rapidly urbanising societies in Asia and the Pacific. Combining theoretical advances with contextually rich studies, the book examines efforts to tackle the complexities of cross-border environmental governance. This book helps bridge the gap between theory and practice by offering fresh insights and contrasting explanations for variations in transboundary disaster governance regimes among urbanising populations in the Asia-Pacific.

Dr. Kristoffer Berse

National College of Public Administration and Governance (NCPAG)

Associate Professor