Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management News

Compilation of latest research news on climate change adaptation/management and disaster risk management

Making the change to save the planet

Prof. Romano Antonio Wamil of the UP-CSWCD credited climate change for triggering an observable change in the production of knowledge within universities, leading to more multi-disciplinal research initiatives.

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The new order: climate-proofing and climate-resilient expenditure

Climate-proofing and climate-resilient expenditure is the new order. This also entails elimination of resource leakages, such as corruption, inefficiencies, and redundancies," explains Climate Change Commissioner Naderev M. Saño, a UP Diliman alumnus.

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Power switch

According to Prof. Lenore dela Cruz of the UP College of Social Work and Community Development (CSWCD), shifting to RE is a question of scale where, in the context of large-scale globalization, the belief that ‘the bigger the scale, the more efficient’ is not always the case.

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Climate adaptive local planning: the Camotes experience

Nicknamed “SanFran” by the locals, the town is a source of national pride, besting 25 nominations to win the prestigious United Nations Sasakawa Award for Disaster Reduction in 2011.

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