Our Mandate as Special Provision in the 2018 General Appropriations Act:

 The University of the Philippines Resilience Institute UP RI together with other state universities and colleges shall support the Climate Change Commission in training LGUs to formulate and complete Local Clima

The UP NOAH Center

The UP NOAH Center is a core component of the UP Resilience Institute. It was formally adopted by the University of the Philippines during the Board of Regents 1325th meeting on February 23, 2017 as a research center for climate actions and disaster risk reduction and management. An Executive Order signed by UP President Danilo L. Concepcion, (EO PLDC 17-03), established the NOAH Center as a research institute in the UP System.

The core of UP NOAH’s work is producing freely accessible, accurate, reliable, and relevant scientific disaster data. It also highlights a multidisciplinary approach in assessing risk and using the lens of different scientific areas. This ensures that Filipinos are provided an integrative appraisal of the natural hazards that put them in danger.

College of Agriculture

The College of Agriculture (CA) was one of the first three units organized in the University of the Philippines in 1909, offering the first-of-its-kind university-level instruction in basic and applied agricultural science in Southeast Asia. Its first dean, Dr. Edwin R. Copeland, envisioned a college that will not only engage in teaching but conduct research as well. From then on, the College has metamorphosed into a center of excellence for agricultural education in the region. The CA is now organized into five clusters that consolidate its pool of expertise as well as optimize the allocation and use of human, financial, and physical resources. These are the Agricultural Systems Cluster, Animal and Dairy Sciences Cluster, Crop Protection Cluster, Crop Science Cluster, and Food Science Cluster. It has three specialized units such as: the Central Experiment Station, La Granja Research and Training Station, and the Philippine Agricultural Scientist.

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