College of Forestry and Natural Resources

Established as the Forest School on April 19, 1910 through Act 1989, the CFNR is the oldest forestry school in the Philippines. It remains to be a center of excellence in forestry education. The CFNR is at the forefront of teaching, research, and extension in climate change, silviculture, ecology, biodiversity, physiology, agroforestry, social forestry, pulp and paper technology, natural resource management, policy formulation, economics, and community land resource management. Its activities in these manifold concerns converge on the College’s vision to be a world-class leader in the education, science and responsible management of tropical forests, natural resources and the environment. This vision is focused on the development of globally competitive and locally adaptive human resource, inclusive R&D programs, and empowerment of people, institutions and communities for the strengthened and enhanced role of forestry in environmental protection, conservation and national development.

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