Tan, Ma. Corazon J.

Tan, Ma. Corazon J.
Associate Professor
Department of Community Development
College of Social Work and Community Development
UP Diliman


  • Master of Community Development, University of the Philippines Diliman

Biographical Sketch

I obtained my Masters in Community Development (MCD) from the CSWCD, UP Diliman. Masteral Thesis was on Gender-sensitivity in Disaster Response Management. I am currently doing my Doctorate in Social Development in the same College.

The two publications I cited below resulted from projects undertaken by the Dept. of Community Development, CSWCD in which I was involved. The first one was a participatory action research commissioned by the PCIERRD-DOST to a team from our Dept. That participatory research studied and drew lessons from existing institutional arrangements at the local government and community level in regard to capacities in DRRM in four barangays affected by Typhoon Yolanda. The second publication resulted from project undertaken by our Dept with the Christian Aid. This project was a trainor’s training and mentoring of NGOs involved in DRR, and a participatory documentation of DRR experiences of NGOs and people’s organizations in 10 communities.

Aside from my involvement in DRR projects of our College, I am also a member of the Board of Trustees of MASIPAG, a national network of farmers’ organizations, scientists, NGOs and academics promoting the practice of sustainable agriculture, CBDRR and CCA. I help in the capacity building and organizational development of farmers’ organizations of the MASIPAG network.

Recent Projects

1. Bawagan, A.B., Polotan-dela Cruz, L; Felizco, M.S; Tan M.J.; Wamil, M & Germar, J.S. (2015) Shifting Paradigms: Strengthening Institutions for Community-based Disaster Risk Reduction and Management. Quezon City: UP College of Social Work and Community Development

2. Polotan-dela Cruz, L; E. Ferrer and M. Pagaduan (Eds). 2010. Building Disaster Resilient Communities: Stories and Lessons from the Philippines. Quezon City, Philippines: CSWCD-UP

3. CBDRM Training and Learning Circle – Philippines and the Center for Disaster Preparedness. Integrating Gender into Community Based Disaster Risk Management. (Training Manual)

4. International Institute of Rural Reconstruction and CordAid. 2007. Building Resilient Communities: A Training Manual on Community-Managed Disaster Risk Reduction. International Institute of Rural Reconstruction, Philippines.

Contact Details

  • Email: [email protected]