Alburo-Cañete, Kaira Zoe

Alburo-Cañete, Kaira Zoe
Assistant Professor
University of the Philippines Cebu
UP Cebu

Biographical Sketch

Kaira Zoe K. Alburo-Cañete specializes in Development Studies with a particular focus on the intersections of gender, environment, and disasters.

She has been involved in policy and development research on various contemporary issues and their interplays such as understanding local perspectives of resilience, promoting sexual and reproductive health in humanitarian settings, advancing gender-responsive budgeting for DRM and CCA, examining human trafficking during disasters, and supporting gender and disability inclusion in disaster risk management processes.

Recent Projects

1. Participatory Action Research and Baseline Study for the Project “Post Haiyan: Enhancing Resilience through Disability Inclusive Community-Based Disaster Risk Management in Tabogon, Cebu, Philippines.

2. Frontline: Risk Profiling of Four Local Communities in The Municipality of Tabogon.

3. Baseline Study on Disaster and Human Trafficking for the Danajon Communities WATCH Project.

4. Action Research for the Building Environment for Transparency and Accountability in Gender and Climate Change Adaptation (BETA-GCCA) Project.

5. Learning from Haiyan: Translating Children's Voices into Action for Resilience (A Documentation of Good Practices and Lessons Learned from the "Strengthening Capacities for Child-Centered Disaster Risk Reduction and Management or S3CDRRM Project in Bantayan and Daanbantayan, Northern Cebu After Haiyan).

Contact Details

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