Buot, Inocencio Jr. E.

Buot, Inocencio Jr. E.
Institute of Biological Sciences
College of Arts and Sciences - UP Los Baños
UP Los Baños


  • Vegetation Ecology and Plant Geogrpahy, PhD Botany, Chiba University, 1998
  • Master of Science, Developmental and Systematic Plant Anatomy, University of the Philippines Los Baños, 1987

Biographical Sketch

Dr. Inocencio E. Buot, Jr. is a professor of botany, ecology and environmental science at the the Institute of Biological Sciences (IBS), University of the Philippines Los Banos (UPLB). He obtained his PhD (Ecology) from the University of Chiba, Japan in 1998. Later he did his post-doctoral research in landscape ecology at the National Institute of Forestry in Kyoto in 2003-2005. He was was previously, the Deputy Director at the Institute of Biological Sciences, Col-lege of Arts and Sciences, UPLB (2006-2010) and the Dean of the Faculty of Management and Development Studies, UP Open University (UPOU) (2010-2016).

Currently, Dr Buot is involved in a project on capacity building of the stakeholders of the Ifugao Rice Terraces, a satoyama or a socioecological production landscape in collaboration with Kanazawa University, Ifugao State University, UP Open University and the Ifugao Provin-cial Government. Additionally, in the Plant Biodiversity Laboratory of the Institute of Biological Sciences, UPLB, he is trying to develop with his graduate students a method in determining the conservation status of a plant species at the local level integrating, IUCN, DENR and results of their field studies.

Dr. Buot with his collaborators, published more than 90 articles in refereed journals. He had been a recipient of 5 University of the Philippines Professorial Chair Lecture Award in botany, ecology and conservation biology, Outstanding Botanist Award in the area of ecology in 2010), and the Scientific Productivity System Award of the UP System.

Recent Projects

  • Sulistiyowati H and IE Buot Jr. 2016. Ecological valuation tools to appraise biomass, necromass and soil organic matter in a natural forest ecosystem. J. Wetlands Biodiversity (2016) 6: 97-108
  • Caringal AM, IE Buot Jr and EG Aragones Jr. 2015. Population and Reproductive Phenology of the Philippine Teak (Tectona philippinensis Benth. and Hook.f.) in Lobo Coast of Verde Island Passage, Batangas, Philippines. Philippine Agricultural Scientist 98:312-322.
  • Doydee P and IE Buot Jr. 2014. Connecting fragmented mangrove patches using biodiversity corridors in Ranong coastal landscape, Thailand. Journal of Wetlands Biodiversity 4: 7-15
  • Buot IE Jr. 2014. Zonation of Biodiversity in the Forests of Lasang Landscapes in the Philippines IN: S.-K. Hong et al. (eds.), Biocultural Landscapes, Dordrecht Heidelberg New York London: Springer. Pp 25-32.
  • Banaticla, MCN and IE Buot, Jr. 2005. Altitudinal zonation of pteridophytes on Mount Banahaw de Lucban, Luzon Island, Philippines. Plant Ecology 180: 135-151 (October 2005).
  • Buot, I.E. Jr. and S. Okitsu. 1999. Leaf size zonation pattern of woody species along the altitudinal gradients of Mt. Pulog, Philippines. Plant Ecology 145: 197-208.

Contact Details

  • Email: [email protected]/ [email protected]
  • (6349) 536-6010