Abansi, Corazon L.

Abansi, Corazon L.
Associate Professor
Institute of Management
College of Social Sciences
UP Baguio

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I hold a Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics major in Natural Resource Economics from the University of the Philippines Los Banos (UPLB) since 1997. I served as an Integrated Coastal Management (ICM) practitioner of the UNDP-IMO facility “Partnership for the Environmental Management of the Seas of East Asia and was formerly Project Officer of the UNDP-IMO Program for the Prevention of Marine Pollution in East Asian Seas. I did research and development work mostly focusing on economics of water pollution, resource valuation and community mobilization while serving as resource economist of this project.
From September 2012 to present, I am the site coordinator and resource economist of a multi-disciplinary project, “Towards Good Water Governance for Development: A Multi-case Analysis” of the Emerging Interdisciplinary Research Program of the University of the Philippines System. Aside from conducting research that look at water governance as an important dimension of addressing climate change impacts, the projects aims to develop adaptive collaborative water governance that engages the community for better response to water scarcity issues and problems.

I am actively engaged in development project with the World Food Program entitled “Change Starts Here” which aims to build resilience among communities in the Cordillera. Part of my engagement was the development of a training module of Post Disaster Rehabilitation and Recovery (Phase 3). Under Phase 4, I am developing a training module on “Business Continuity Planning” during disasters, with local government units (LGUs) as target training beneficiaries.

Recent Projects

1. Agnes Rola, Corazon Abansi, Rosalie Hall and Joy Lizada. 2016. Characterizing Local Water Governance Structure in the Philippines: Results of Water Managers’ 2013 Survey. Water International, vol 41, Issue 2.

2. Agnes Rola, Corazon Abansi, Rosalie Hall, Joy Lizada, Ida Siason and Eduardo Araral. 2015. Drivers of Water Governance Reforms in the Philippines. International Journal of Water Resources Development (Francis and Taylor) www.tandfonline.com/doi/pdf/10.1080/07900627.2015.1060196.

3. Rosalie Hall, Joy Lizada, Ma Helen Dayo, Corazon Abansi, Myra David and Agnes Rola. 2015. To the Last Drop: The Political Economy of Philippine Water Policy, Water Policy (2015) 946-962. (IWA Publishing; doi:10.2166/wp.2015.150) www.iwaponline.com/wp/01705/05/default.htm

4. Corazon Abansi, Jessica Carino, Consuelo Doble and Agnes Rola , 2016. Beyond Prices: The Cultural Economy of Water in the Cordillera Highlands of Northern Philippines, Asia Pacific Viewpoint (forthcoming)

5. Corazon Abansi. 2011. ADSDPP as Roadmap to Sustainable Future of IP Communities. The Cordillera Review, Journal of Philippine Culture and Society, vol 3, number 2.

6. Corazon Abansi and Consuelo Doble. Climate Change Adaptation: Focus on Water Governance in the Philippines, presented at the 8th International Conference on Climate Change Impacts and Responses held on 21-22 April, 2016 at Vietnam National University, Hanoi Vietnam.

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