Espia, Juhn Chris P.

Espia, Juhn Chris P.
Division of Social Sciences
College of Arts and Sciences, UPV
UP Visayas

Biographical Sketch

My research interests include International Disaster Response in Complex Emergencies, Civil-Military Cooperation in Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Response scenarios as well as Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) regimes at the global level and its impact to national and local policy. I have worked in various local and national resilience-building projects which deal with disasters and the environment as well as cross-cutting concerns such as poverty, migration, sustainable livelihoods and disaster risk governance.

Recent Projects

  • Espia, J.C. and Fernandez Jr., P. (2015), “Insiders and outsiders: local government and NGO engagement in disaster response in Guimaras, Philippines”, Disasters, 39 (1), pp. 51-68.
  • Hall, R. and Espia, J.C. (2015) “The Response to Typhoon Haiyan”, in Ehrenfeld, J. & Aanenson, C. (eds.), Frameworks and Partnerships: Improving HA/DR in the Asia-Pacific, Tokyo: Peace Winds America, pp. 31-113.
  • Espia, J.C. (2013) “Beyond Caring and Sharing: The Case of the Bacolod Chamber Volunteer Fire Brigade” in Jorge Ebay, Juhn Chris. P. Espia, Alice Prieto-Carolino, Josephine Firmase and Darius N. Salaum (eds.) Safety and Resiliency in Action. Iloilo City: Office of Civil Defense Region VI.

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