Flor, Alexander G.

Flor, Alexander G.
Faculty of Information and Communication Studies
University of the Philippines Open University

Biographical Sketch

Dr. Alexander Flor has an MS in development communication minor in human ecology (resource management) and PhD in development communication minor in the policy sciences. He has a Fulbright PAEF post-doc (1989) in informatization (East West Center), visual anthropology (USC) and Public Policy (GWU). He Introduced environmental communication as an area of study in UP Los Banos (1995).  

He wrote the book "Environmental Communication" in 2004 and co-wrote with Sylvia Guerrero and Marlito Cardenas, the book "Public Participation in EIA" (ADB-DENR-EMB, 1994). He co-edited with Ely Gomez the book "Environmental Communication – Considerations for Curriculum and Delivery Systems Development" (USAID-UPLB, 1994).

He designed and developed ethnovideography as research methodology. He served as nonformal education specialist of the UNDP Upper Solo Watershed Mgt Project (Indonesia, 1980-81) and the ADB Environmental Education Project (1996) and a devcom expert of the USAID Coastal Resource Management Project (1997-98) and the ADB Co-Fish Project (Indonsia, 1999-2000).

He also served as knowledge management expert of GIZ Adaptation to Climate Change Project (2011-12), GIZ National Climate Change Action Plan (2013) and World Bank Philippine Climate Change Adaptation Project (2013-present) and took part of the team that: developed a toolkit on climate change adaptation benchmarking and evaluation; designed a climate change knowledge management and communication strategy; provided technical advice to the Climate Change Commission on establishing an online community of practice (CoP) on climate change adaptation for agriculture; and compiled a manual on best climate change adaption practice under the the New Normal.

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