Gera, Weena Jade S.

Gera, Weena Jade S.
Assistant Professor
University of the Philippines Cebu
UP Cebu

Biographical Sketch

Dr. Weena Gera (PhD in International Development) is currently Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of the Philippines Cebu. She specializes in the evolving structures of governance in fragile states and how these shape contemporary development issues and their intersections. Her recent and current research projects focus on governance for sustainable development and urban resilience, including: regulatory reconfigurations in environmental governance and their implications for sustainability; legal aspects of sustainable development; cross-border dimensions of metropolitan disaster risk reduction and management/disaster risk governance; urban governance for health; waste management and sanitation; mining governance; and mainstreaming gender in the urban adaptation and resilience agenda.

Recent Projects

2016. Public Participation in Environmental Governance in the Philippines: The Challenge of Consolidation in Engaging the State. Land Use Policy, Volume 52, pages 501-510. DOI: 10.1016/j.landusepol.2014.02.021.

2016. Examining the Resilience of Public Participation Structures for Sustainable Mining in the Philippines, In Mauerhofer, V. (ed): Legal Aspects of Sustainable Development: Horizontal and Sectorial Policy Issues, pages 203-231. Springer. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-26021-1.

2014. Application of Remote Sensing Techniques Toward the Role of Traditional Water Bodies with Respect to Vegetation Conditions. Environment, Development and Sustainability: A Mutlidisciplinary Approach to the Theory and Practice of Sustainable Development, Volume 16, No. 5, pages 995-1011. (with Avtar, R., Herath, S., Saito, O., Singh, G., Mishra, B., Takeuchi, K.) Springer Ref: DOI: 10.1007/s10668-013-9507-4.

2013. Multi-Actor Approaches to Total Sanitation in Africa: Key Lessons Learned from Interventions to Improve Water and Sanitation. United Nations University Policy Brief, No. 8 (with Otsuki, K. and Mungai, D.).

2015. EROPA (Eastern Regional Organization for Public Administration) Conference on “Modernization of Governance: Reforms and Good Practices in Emerging Markets”, 17-21 (18) October 2015, Shanghai, China. Paper presented: Cities at the forefront of resilience and sustainable development: The imperative to restructure Philippine decentralisation.