Lu, Jinky Leilanie

Lu, Jinky Leilanie
Institute of Health Policy and Development Studies
National Institutes of Health
UP Manila

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My field of expertise covers occupational and environmental health, and social science analysis of it. I have written two papers related to climate change and environmental health which are: Lu, JL and Herbosa, T. (2011) EPIDEMICS, DISEASES, AND HEALTH EMERGENCIES IN THE AFTERMATH OF NATURAL DISASTERS IN THE PHILIPPINES, Acta Medica Philippina, 45 ( 3); and
Lu, JL. A Study on the State of Occupational Health and Safety in the Philippines, Acta Medica Philippina, 45 (3). One journal paper as I was informed is in press, “Impact of Climate Change on Huamn Health,” Acta Medica Philippina.

I also have written a body of research work on pesticide exposure as part of environmental health, and this could be studied in relation to climate change. I have published 38 international peer-reviewed journal articles, and 28 of which are Science citation-indexed and Scopus-indexed. The nexus among environmental health, occupational health and climate change can be the new area in in resiliency vis-à-vis climate change that I could handle and contribute in your research and advocacy program.

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