Ravago, Majah-Leah V.

Ravago, Majah-Leah V.
Assistant Professor
School of Economics
UP Diliman

Biographical Sketch

Dr. Ravago is Assistant Professor at the University of the Philippines School of Economics. She is also the Program Director of the USAID grant – Energy Policy and Development Program (EPDP) at the UPecon Foundation, Inc. She is a Member of the Board and Secretary of the Philippine Economic Society (PES).

Her research interests include environmental and resource economics, development economics, energy economics, and economics of natural disaster. She has recently published a co-edited book on sustainable economic development and published a journal article on dynamic externalities and climate change experiments.

Her other completed papers are on resource management and sustainability, climate change, and agriculture. She has received research grants from the University of the Philippines, East-West Center, and the Metrobank Foundation. She obtained her BS Business Economics and MA Economics from the University of the Philippines and received her PhD in Economics from the University of Hawaii.

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Recent Projects

1. Shertsyuk, K., N. Tarui, M.V. Ravago, and T. Saijo. 2016. “Inter-generational Games with Dynamic Externalities and Climate Change Experiments.” Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, 3(2): 247-281, University of Chicago Press. Related U of Hawaii Discussion Paper 15-9R http://www.economics.hawaii.edu/research/workingpapers/WP_15-9R.pdf

2. Ravago, M.V., J. Roumasset, and K. Jandoc. “Risk Management and Coping Strategies” (forthcoming) in M. Rosegrant, M. Sombilla, and A. Balisacan (eds.), The Future of Philippine Agriculture: Scenarios, Policies, and Investments under Climate Change. Related UPSE Discussion Paper 2015-15. http://www.econ.upd.edu.ph/dp/index.php/dp/article/view/1485/967

3. Balisacan, A.M., U. Chakravorty, and M.V. Ravago (eds). 2015. Sustainable Economic Development: Resources, Environment and Institutions, Elsevier Academic Press, USA. http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/book/9780128003473

4. Ravago, M.V., A. M. Balisacan, and U. Chakravorty. 2015. “The Principles and Practice of Sustainable Economic Development: Overview and Synthesis,” in A.M Balisacan, U. Chakravorty, and M.V. Ravago (eds), Sustainable Economic Development: Resources, Environment and Institutions, Elsevier Academic Press, USA http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/B9780128003473000017

5. Ravago, M.V. and J. Roumasset. 2015. “Rethinking Baselines: An Efficiency-based Approach to Better REDD+ Governance.” UH Working Paper 15-15 http://www.economics.hawaii.edu/research/workingpapers/WP_15-15.pdf

6. Ravago, M.V., and D. Mapa. 2015. “Household Coping and Recovery from Nature’s Wrath: Rising from the Ruins of Yolanda,” (Manuscript under journal review) UPSE Discussion Paper 2015-16 http://www.econ.upd.edu.ph/dp/index.php/dp/article/view/1486

7. Ravago, M.V., and D. Mapa. 2014. “Eastern Visayas after Yolanda: Evidence from Household Survey,” PCED Policy Note 2014-5. http://www.pced.gov.ph/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/PN-2014-5-rev-4-111014.pdf

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