UP RI Contributes to Short Course for Mass Casualty Identification

The Filipino people are very much familiar with natural disasters that result to massive damages. As residents of a country prone to natural calamities, seeing casualties of disasters has become part of our collective experiences as a people.

With the aim or addressing these challenges, Dr. Mahar Lagmay, of the UP Resilience Institute, under the Office of the UP President, conducted a lecture about “Mass Casualty Incident Resulting from Natural Disasters” and “Community Preparedness for Mass Casualty Incident” in a training-workshop sponsored by University of the Philippines Manila’s College of Arts and Sciences in partnership with the College of Medicine and College of Dentistry.




The training-workshop entitled: “Short course on Forensics for Mass Casualty Identification and Intervention.”, which was participated by representatives from LGUs, NGOs, POs, Teachers and Law Enforcers and held last July 25-27, 2018, was convened in order to educate the participants on the role and importance of forensics in mass casualty incidents.




Photos by: Ms. Marilen P. Balolong