UP RI forges Partnerships at the UP College of Science

“As the Sendai Framework says, the disaster prevention and mitigation efforts as well as climate adaptation efforts of the country must be a whole of society approach.” – Mahar Lagmay Executive Director of the UP Resilience Institute

Representatives from the Public Safety Colleges (PPSC);GrupoKalinangan, Inc. (GKI); ABS-CBN Corporation; Map the Philippines; Science City of Muñoz, Nueva Ecija; Municipalities of Padre Garcia, TaysanBatangas attended the ceremonial MOA/MOU signing held last September 12, 2018 at the UP Diliman, College of Science. 

Entitled “Providing Lifesaving Solutions for the Filipino People.” the ceremonial signings have the goal of strengthening existing collaborations and forging new partnerships between the UP Resilience Institute and various sectors in the society. The ceremonial signing also involved UP Executive Vice President Teodoro J. Herbosa, MD and UP Vice President for Legal Affairs Atty. Hector Danny Uy to represent the University of the Philippines.

This is in line with the with the Whole of Community Approach stipulated in the Sendai Framework as quoted by Dr. Mahar LagmayExectutive Director of the UP Resilience Institute during his keynote speech. Further in the event, the representatives from various sectors further solidified their commitment to work hand in hand with the UP RI by each giving statements of commitment pertaining to working together in order to create a culture of climate change and disaster resilience in the country.

A quote from Atty. Hector Danny Uy perfectly encapsulates the essence of the event:

Mahirappoditolahatangginagawa... mahirap din pomagreview ng mgakontrata… perohayaanniyo pong susugankoanginyongkomitmentbilangpangwakasMakaligtaslangpotayo ng isangbuhaysulitnapoangumagangito.”  - Atty. Hector Danny UY, UP VP for Legal Affairs.