Taysan Holds a Forum to Address Environmental Concerns


The Taysan at Kalikasan; Tara Tayseño, Makinig at Makiaalam Ukol sa Kalikasan Para sa Kapakanan ng Bayan, an environmental forum which was attended by more than a thousand Tayseños, was held in the Municipality of Taysan on August 17, 2019 at the Taysan Municipal Gymnasium.

The event was held with the aim of raising awareness about environmental concerns and activities in the municipality as well as to serve as a venue for hearing concerns and suggestions from residents regarding the state environment and environmental protection in Taysan.


Various representatives from different stakeholders discussed issues and point of views about the state of the environment in the municipality. Father Ephraim Cabrera, the parish priest of the Nuestra Señora dela Merced parish in Taysan, gave an opening message. His message was followed by introductory remarks from Mayor Grande Gutierrez and Vice Mayor Marianito Perez who both expressed gratitude towards Tayseños for attending the environmental forum. Father Dakila Ramos, AMEN Representative, also showed audio visual presentations about tourism areas in Batangas followed by pictures of how much the nature in Batangas and the Philippines in general have been destroyed by humans.


After the initial discussion about the state of the environment in the locality, the University of the Philippines Resilience Institute (UP RI) discussed the physical environment in the municipality based on its existing land use plan through the presentation of different thematic maps of Taysan. A geologist from the Advocates of Science and Technology for the People (AGHAM), Jethro B. Capino, also lectured about the organization’s geological assessment of the local government unit.

An open forum was also conducted after the presentation of the speakers. Various concerns regarding the next steps the LGU of Taysan will be taking after the environmental forum, as well as the strategies and policies that the municipality will be doing in order to minimize the negative effects of quarrying in their area, were raised by Tayseños. Solutions to the quarrying problems that were discussed include the strict monitoring of the existing quarrying operations in the municipality and prohibiting new companies to operate and invest on quarrying in Taysan.


By the end of the forum, the Tayseños parted ways equipped with new learnings, knowledge, and a higher sense of responsibility on how to take care of their environment for the benefit of the community living in the municipality at present and also for the future generation Tayseños.