LCCAO and UPRI Conduct Follow UP Visits to Famy and Mabitac



The collaboration between the Laguna Climate Change Office (LCCAO) and the University of the Philippines Resilience Institute (UPRI) started with a common desire to empower local government units (LGUs) towards self-reliance and resilience. This common goal, after a series of consultations and planning sessions, culminated in the Cascading Climate And Disaster Risk Assessment Related Skills And Competencies To Future Trainers workshop– a joint activity between LCCAO and UPRI meant equip state universities and colleges (SUCs) and LGUs with tools and skills necessary to the conduct of a Climate and Disaster Risk Assessment (CDRA). This event successfully trained representatives from four SUCs and three LGUs about the basics of the study of vulnerabilities and risks brought about by natural hazards and climate-related stimuli or the CDRA and how basic Geographic Information System (GIS) can be utilized in the conduct of this study.


Three months post event, with the intention of checking up on some of the participants of the first workshop, the LCCAO and the UPRI conducted field visits in the Municipality of Famy and Mabitac. These follow up meetings were meant to gauge how much the first workshop has helped LGUs as well as to determine gaps which succeeding workshops shall be based upon.   Based on feedback, notwithstanding limitations on manpower and equipment on the part of LGUs, the workshop last July has helped progress the CDRA of Famy and Mabitac in various ways. Both LGUs, however, stressed that further trainings about advance GIS and OpenStreetMap would be helpful in the completion of their CRDA. These results, along with the common goal shared by LCCAO and UPRI, shall be the basis of future training collaborations between the two organizations.