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UPRI Explores Space Science for CCA-DRR with UP AstroSoc in the 4th installment of the UPRI-NOAH TALK


The 4th UPRI-NOAH TALK bore the theme "Developing Disaster Resilience through Advancing Space Science and Technology."

Where does space science fit in the conversations revolving around Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction (CCA-DRR)?

This question was explored during the most recent UPRI-NOAH TALK held at the National Institute of Geological Sciences on the 28th of October 2019. Staged in partnership with the University of the Philippines Astronomical Society (AstroSoc), the 4th installment of the monthly event bore the theme “Developing Disaster Resiliency through Advancing Space Science and Technology,"

During the program, topics such as the Philippines’ capacity in terms of space technology were discussed. Consequently, concrete examples such as communicating via amateur radio through Orbiting Satellite Carrying Amateur Radio (OSCAR) during disasters was mentioned. According to one of the lectures, using amateur radios, although limited by satellite orbit schedule, is a cheap and reliable way to communicate during incidences of calamities when cellular cites and electricity are unavailable. Another lecture revolved around how the newly established Philippine Space Agency can contribute to the countries CCA-DRR efforts. Some ways mentioned were using satellite images in creating land use maps and monitoring forest cover, among others.



Speakers of the 4th UPRI-NOAH TALK with event participants, hosts and Dr. Luna from UPRI

Such applications of space technology to CCA-DRR efforts, although still largely unimplemented in a national scale, will significantly improve how the country deals with natural hazard and disasters. Events like the monthly UPRI-NOAH TALK that bring people with various expertise and interests together to explore ideas are good starting points when forging collaboration efforts among different disciplines.