Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management News

Compilation of latest research news on climate change adaptation/management and disaster risk management

A tale of two towns

Under the leadership of Mayor Alfredo ”JR” Coro II, a UPLB alumnus, Del Carmen’s partnerships with government agencies and NGOs have resulted not only in the conduct of information and education campaigns on climate change, but also workshops, seminars and training on livelihood programs, maternity and child care, education, as well as solid waste management and renewable energy power generation.

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On fishers, climate change and the UPV-CFOS

According to Dr. Merlina N. Andalecio, UP Visayas Associate Professor, the UPV-College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences is implementing a project that examines the effects of climate on fishing activity/productivity. One of the outputs of the project is a digital library of fishing operations that will be useful for fishery managers and decision-makers.

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Health impacts of climate change

“Climate change will influence the distribution and endemicity of these two diseases,” said De Las Llagas, adding  that “these two mosquito-borne diseases (MBD) are directly influenced by climate. Malaria and dengue are seasonal in nature; thus, there are high and low peaks in their  transmission," explains UP Manila entomologist and public health professor Dr. Lilian A. De Las Llagas.

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Making the change to save the planet

Prof. Romano Antonio Wamil of the UP-CSWCD credited climate change for triggering an observable change in the production of knowledge within universities, leading to more multi-disciplinal research initiatives.

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Power switch

According to Prof. Lenore dela Cruz of the UP College of Social Work and Community Development (CSWCD), shifting to RE is a question of scale where, in the context of large-scale globalization, the belief that ‘the bigger the scale, the more efficient’ is not always the case.

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