Studies on Climate Change
and Disaster Risk Management

Browse below if you are looking for scientific studies to support your climate change adapatation and mitigation and/or disaster risk management efforts.

[Note: This is a preliminary list. We will be updating it regularly. If you know of a published journal article, book, book chapter, or project report by a UP faculty or staff, let us know at]

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Geohazard Assessment

Authors / Editors: F. Llanes, J.A.Galang, M. Rabonza, P.K. Ferrer, N. Eco, C. Cuadra, K. Suarez and L. Dasallas Lagmay, Alfredo Mahar

Devastating storm surges of Typhoon Haiyan

Author/Co-Author: Lagmay, Alfredo Mahar R.P. Agaton, M.A. Bahala, J.B. Briones, K.M. Cabacaba, C.V. Caro, L.L. Dasallas, L.L. Gonzalo, C.N. Ladiero, J.P. Lapidez, M.F. Muncal, J.R. Puno, M.C. Ramos, J. Santiago, J.K. Suarez, J.D. Tablazon

Adaptation Options and Needs

Author/Co-Author: Lansigan, Felino P. Noble, I., S. Huq , Et Al., F. Lansigan Et Al. (2014)... In: C. Field Et Al. (Editors). Vulnerability, Impacts, And Adaptation: Contributions Of Working Group II To The IPCC Fifth Assessment Report. Cambridge University Press.