A Community-Based Flood Risk Management in the Lower Pampanga River Basin

Authors / Editors: Perez, Rosa T.


With the growing concerns on the impacts of climate change, one entry point identified for
adaptation is through disaster risk management, specifically climate risks reduction. A greater
number of national and local projects in the Philippines are now into mainstreaming of disaster
risk reduction into development planning, land use planning, sectoral planning including that of
agriculture, water resources, coastal zone management and in education. In this paper, one
initiative of local government unit (LGU) and the local community is presented, specifically on
the efforts of the provincial government of Bulacan on community-based flood early warning and mitigation through exchange of information, in cooperation with the technical information provider.

Based on this existing system, a reflection on how the community-based approach, which
address flood risks under current climate could also be a successful adaptation strategy towards
increased flood risks under climate change conditions.

Published by: Journal of Environmental Science and Management , 2008 | Page Nos: 55-63
Link: http://journals.uplb.edu.ph/index.php/JESAM/article/view/23
Type of Publication: Journal Article