Statistical Analysis of Philippine Water District Characteristics and how these Affect Water Tariffs

Authors / Editors: Peter Julian A. Cayton, Theresa E. Lorenzo, Eduardo C. Santos David, Carlos Primo C.


Philippine water districts (WDs) provide water to over 17 million Filipinos. Each WD is an independent entity, and water tariffs vary widely across the 493 WDs due to perceived area-specific conditions. A statistical model was applied to available data to determine how these conditions affect tariffs. Results confirm the direct influence on tariffs of factors such as location, water source and efficiency of service provision. It is likewise found that an optimal value exists for connection density and for capital outlay. This suggests an optimum size for a WD to be able to provide the lowest possible tariff.

Published by: Water International 39 , 2013 | Page Nos: 1-9
Type of Publication: Journal Article