Drivers of Water Governance Reforms in the Philippines

Authors / Editors: Joy C. Lizada, Ida M.L. Siason, Eduardo K. Araral, Jr Abansi, Corazon L. | Hall, Rosalie | Rola, Agnes


This paper analyses the enabling conditions for a water governance model responsive to future Philippine water requirements. Using the stage-based approach to institutional reforms, it assesses the outcomes of previous water governance reforms, such as conflicts in customary and formal rules; urban and rural; upstream and downstream; and the contestations in water supply privatization in Metro Manila. The analysis suggests that past water governance reforms were symbolic and procedural, and structural changes to support the legal frameworks were not achieved. Based on the case findings, the authors support the current reform agenda of implementing a decentralized framework of water governance at a watershed scale.

Published by: International Journal of Water Resources Development 32 (1) , 2015 | Page Nos: 135-152
Type of Publication: Journal Article