Impact of Climate Change on Human Health

Authors / Editors: Lu, Jinky Leilanie


The data trends show that climate is changing and several researches have shown the adverse effects of climate change to human health. This study has exquisitely presented how climate change affects human health. Climate change can influence the nature and severity of climate-related natural disasters such as flooding and drought, hence, increasing the rate of mortality and morbidity among human population. Climate change can also increase the likelihood of infection in humans by way of affecting the transmission of infectious diseases. Climate-induced food insecurity is also one of the consequences of climate change and this may eventually result in malnutrition and famine. There are both direct and indirect consequences of climate change to human health. First, the direct health impacts such as injuries and deaths associated with climate-induced natural disasters, and second, the indirect health impacts such as food insecurity, contaminated source of water, and increased incidence of diseases.

Key Words: Climate change, Human health, Environmental health, Pollution