Strategic Communication Analysis of Entities Affected by the Kanan B-1 Hydroelectric Dam

Authors / Editors: Flor, Alexander G.


A strategic communication analysis of the Kanan B-1 Hydroelectric Project was conducted to: identify the strategic target audiences of the project through a stakeholder analysis; identify the strategic messages through a prioritization of key and critical assumptions; and develop appropriate communication strategies to address critical concerns of affected entities. It employed the Strategic Impact & Assumptions-Identification Method (SIAM) to determine strategic audiences and messages. The study began with an identification of stakeholders and an enumeration of assumptions that link these stakeholders to the KANAN - B1 Small Hydroelectric Dam. The stakeholder analysis identified the project's strategic target audiences as follows: residents of the affected communities; the LGUs of General Nakar and Infanta; cultural minorities; illegal loggers; nongovernment organizations; the business sector; and other entities. Additionally, ten critical concerns that need to be addressed by the project's strategic communication plan were identified on the basis of high uncertainty and high impact on nontechnical project viability. For each of these concerns, an appropriate message or theme was recommended. Strategic communication media were likewise proposed.

Published by: Journal of Environmental Science and Management 3 (1) , 2000 | Page Nos:
Type of Publication: Journal Article