ANNOUNCEMENT: UPRI to hold the 8th UPRI-NOAH TALK in Celebration of the International Women’s Day



The UPRI invites everyone to attend the 8th UPRI-NOAH TALK

This March, in line with the celebration of the International Women’s Day, with the theme #Each for Equal, the UPRI will hold the 8th installment of the UPRI-NOAH TALK.

This month’s TALK will bear the theme “Women in DRRM,” and shall feature women leaders in the field of CCA-DRR. Discussions shall revolve around how the featured speakers actively shape their communities through their CCA-DRR efforts.

Directions to the venue of the 8th UPRI-NOAH TALK

In a society where women are still among the poorest, the most vulnerable, and the most susceptible to violence despite the continuous efforts towards gender equality, shifting the spotlight to women who are active movers in the CCA-DRR field shall give insight to the dynamics that cause women to be more vulnerable to the effects for climate change and disasters.

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