UPRI in Talks with Center for Disaster Preparedness

The UP Resilience Institute went into preliminary talks with the Center for Disaster Preparedness Foundation last Thursday, 05 November 2020, regarding Phase III of their PROSPER project. This project, which aims to build resilience in Salug Valley in the Zamboanga Peninsula, focuses on nine municipalities within Zamboanga del Norte, Zamboanga del Sur, and Misamis Occidental.

Salug Valley is traversed by major river systems, making it exposed to riverine floods, as well as other types of hazards such as coastal flooding, tsunami, landslides, and sea level rise. Most of the people in the area depend on agri-fishery and aquatic and marine production as their main source of income. In the past, flooding events have affected these industries immensely and have made it difficult for the communities to restore their livelihoods. This makes establishing early warning and agro-met monitoring systems extremely important.

Ms. Maria Fellizar Cagay, Project Manager of PROSPER Phase III, provides a brief overview of the project


The project aims to reduce the negative impacts of hazards and climate change, including flooding, through proactive risk management policy and practice. It also seeks to establish a climate field school and an end-to-end Early Warning System. CDP is working with government officials, community leaders, people’s organizations, vulnerable sectors, and farmers’ groups to promote inclusive resilience building and holistic development.

CDP seeks to engage the assistance of the UP Resilience Institute in explaining flood hazard maps and other flood model outputs to their stakeholders to further capacitate them and allow them to fully utilize these existing models in creating an early warning system. There is also a need for more extensive mapping and creating climate-change adjusted probabilistic hazard maps that can be used in local climate forecasting.

Further discussions are currently being made on how this collaboration between CDP and UPRI will be formalized.

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