UPRI Starts the UP Fair Week with Back to Back Activities

Leading up to the annual week long activities in the University of the Philippines Diliman, the University of the Philippines Resilience Institute (UPRI), kicked off the first UPRI Grows internal capacity building program and held the 7th UPRI-NOAH TALK. The events which took up the whole day of the 10th of February, 2020 were held at the National Institute of Geological Sciences (NIGS), UP Diliman.

Ms. Cabacaba, Ms. Bermas, and Ms. Vasquez after being presented with certificates of appreciation for facilitating the internal capacity building event.

As an effort to assist UPRI personnel to advance in terms of skills, ‘the UPRI Grows Part 1: Documentation via LaTex” was conducted from 9am to 12 pm on the 10th of February.  The first installment of this internal capacity development program activity was led by Ms. Angelu Bermas and Janinne Vasquez and was facilitated by Ms. Krichi Cabacaba. All three are from the Storm Surge and Landslide office of UP National Operational Assessment of Hazards Center (UP NOAH) under the UPRI. LaTex, a typesetting system best suited when creating massive documents, was the focus of the lecture and the hands on activities. While there are various programs that can be used when creating documents through LaTex, first UPRI Grows program focused on teaching attendees to create LaTex generated documents via Overleaf – a program akin to Google Docs which allows collaborators to simultaneously write and edit in LaTex language.

After the first activity of the day, the NOAH team in charge then proceeded to hold the 7th UPRI-NOAH TALK. Coinciding with the celebration of the National Arts month the most recently held TALK bore the theme “The Role of Arts in Disaster Resilience” and featured short lectures from, Dr. Flaudette May Datuin, Leonardo C. Rosete, Marvin Angelo R. Oloris, and Jose Alberto Tanedo. All practitioners in the field of the arts, the speakers spoke about how the arts, as tools that can shape and reflect culture and consciousness, is a crucial component when embedding science and resilience concepts into the forefront of communities’ collective thought and when evoking  desired lifesaving responses.

The speakers of the 7th UPRI-NOAH Talk with the event emcees after the awarding of certificates

These back to back series of learning activities were done with the goal of espousing knowledge sharing and learning both inside and outside the institution.


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