5th International Conference on Integrative Disaster Risk Reduction Management (ICIDRRM)


In commemoration of the Super Typhoon Yolanda disaster, the Eastern Samar State University (ESSU) organized the annual International Conference on Integrative Disaster Risk Reduction Management (ICIDRRM) to highlight and share various experiences and learnings among practitioners, researchers and community members.

For its fifth year, the conference adopted the theme: Plan. Act. Live, as it seeks to draw insights and ideas from all participants which could be useful in developing better plans and strategies that would contribute to improving the quality of life of various communities through enhancing their resilience and sustainability.

The unique component of the 5th ICIDRRM is its inclusion of a plenary session that focuses on mainstreaming / integrating Climate Change Adaptation & Mitigation (CCAM) and Disaster Risk Reduction & Management (DRRM) in local development and land use plans

UPRI gave a presentation on how to mainstream CCAM and DRRM in development through the use of land use planning. Participants of the plenary session consists of municipal mayors, municipal planners, municipal DRRM officers, and other local government personnel.

Atty. Allan Contado, Municipal Mayor of Balangkayan, Eastern Samar

Mr. Ian Borja of WISAR at the ICIDRRM