The UP COVID-19 Pandemic Response Team (UP PRT) has been constantly assessing the situation of the Philippines and identifying possible areas where UP can add value to the efforts of our government in “flattening the curve” through a science-based approach. Alongside the idea of flattening the curve, the UP PRT also takes in consideration the preservation of livelihoods. Thus, the UP PRT has been providing technical guidance on the spread of the virus, developing knowledge products, and identifying gaps, needs, and potential solutions.

In line with this, the UP Resilience Institute (UPRI) formed the Data Collection & Management, Mapping, and Website (DCMMW) to support the UP PRT in attaining its objectives.


The DCMMW Program serves as a support unit of the UP PRT in risk assessment and risk communication. It is composed of three different projects, namely Data Collection and Management (DCM), Geographical Visualization, and Web development (ENDCOV.PH).

Data Collection and Management (DCM) project is created to collect data about COVID-19 and manage all collected data into a database that will be used by the UP PRT for further assessment. This project aims to continuously gather data about COVID-19 up to the barangay level on a daily basis through data mining from the following sources:

  • dropped data of the Department of Health (DOH) in their website; and,
  • COVID-19 updates of all Local Government Units (LGUs) in their social media.

Geographical Visualization project facilitates the production of visual representation of projected/simulated data in the form of maps. This project aims to help national and local officials in visualizing the make informed decisions whether to extend, lift, or relax community quarantine

ENDCOV.PH project is Web-based Awareness & Decision Support System. It aims to develop a platform to communicate/disseminate all information and knowledge products of the UP PRT to policymakers and the public. A CITYvs COVID Dashboard is also being developed to monitor progress in Philippine cities. This is in line with IATF’s pronouncements that the fight against COVID-19 should be LGU-led and national government-enabled.


The DCMMW Program aims to support the ongoing efforts of the UP PRT in the fight against COVID 19 by providing the following:

  1. database of accurate and timely data about COVID-19;
  2. geographical visualization of projected/simulated data about COVID-19
  3. platform to communicate/disseminate all information and knowledge products of the UP PRT


UPRI pooled together volunteers from different offices such as Nationwide Operational Assessment of Hazards (NOAH), Admin Department, Educational Office, Research and Creative Works, and Institutional Building to gather data from the DOH and LGUs, map projected/simulated data, and develop a website. The composition of the team is specified below:

Leader: Dr. Alfredo Mahar Lagmay

Co-Leader: Dr. Kristoffer Berse



  • Data Collection Team
  • Research Team
  • Database Management Team
  • Modeling and Mapping Team

Web and App Development Team