On June 3, 2019, the Philippine Red Cross hosted a core group meeting  with its local chapter in Capiz and their partners to give updates on the implementation of Forecast-based Financing (FbF) for flood events in communities near the Panay River Basin. Forecast-based Financing is a programme that aims to address the gaps between forecast and response, by releasing humanitarian funding automatically for early action, based on in-depth forecast information and risk analysis. Its’ main purpose is to reduce risks, enhance preparedness and response, and to reduce economic impacts to the population.
The UP Resilience Institute presented the Philippine River Inundation Network Systems (or PRINS), a new flood forecasting tool to help identify possible river inundation areas at the barangay level, based on predicted rainfall levels. With this tool, the Red Cross or other humanitarian organizations and local government units can anticipate the impact of a possible flood, identify which barangays need to be prioritized before flooding events, and implement necessary early action to mitigate the impact.