5th Technical Working Group Meeting for Earthquake Resiliency

The UP Resilience Institute attended the 5th Technical Working Group Meeting for Earthquake Resiliency on February 2, 2024, at the 4th Floor, Situational Room of the Quezon City DRRM Building.

The meeting started with acknowledging all the participants from different departments of Quezon City Hall, organizations, and institutional offices. Followed by the presentation of Engr. Joselito Arcania, about the “West Valley Fault (WVF) Inventory of Dangerous and Ruinous Buildings and Statement,” discussed the following: the Legal Basis Section 216 of the National Building Code, Assessment of the Building, and Identified Buildings that are in the 5-meter faut line danger zone and an Open Forum.

Image 1: Engr. Arcania discusses the 11 identified buildings that are in the 5-meter danger zone. 

Mr. Ongkiko introduced Engr. Alexis Bryan Rivera to tackle the UPRI Recommendations: Management of Open Spaces and Buildings Transected by or within the 5-meter fault line danger zone. To be followed by the OEC Manager of QCDRRMC, Ms. Aleandra Rivera, provided an update on the IEC’s proposed ordinance, “Requiring LGU-Owened Buildings and Critical Point Facilities Located on the Earthquake Hotspot Barangays, within the Territorial Jurisdiction of QC, for the development of their respective Emergency Evacuation Procedures (EEPs),” while also allowing for an open discussion and providing the minimal information required for compliance under existing laws, rules, and regulations.

Image 2: Engr. Alexis Bryan Rivera presents the recommendations of UPRI for the management of open spaces.

Lastly Engr. Arvin Ancheta presented the proposed “Road Signs’ Pavement Markings” and Guidelines on Earthquake Evacuation Procedures During Earthquakes within the Quezon City Hall Compound.


Prepared by:

Jerzyne Anne Corpuz