Nationwide Simultaneous Earthquake Drill UP Barangay Campus (1st Quarter 2024)

The UP Resilience Institute, represented by IB Researcher Franklin Joshua Gali, observed the performance of the UP Barangay Campus during the Nationwide Simultaneous Earthquake Drill (NSED) last March 25, 2024. Leading the participation of the barangay in the NSED was Kapitan Lawrence Mappala, Melody Villegas, and Sergio Linga. PSSO representative Gellie Flores also joined as an observer during the debriefing of the simulation.

Image 1: The initial evacuation of UP Barangay Campus participants during NSED

Participants were led to a designated evacuation site with a medical station. Within this area, vitals were checked and simulated “injured” individuals were given first-aid. An ambulance would then bring said individuals to the closest hospital. Other members of the barangay were stationed in a command post that detailed the list of casualties and handled the headcount for participants.

Image 2: The Command Post and Medical station set-up

As the NSED went on, the barangay conducted specialized scenarios to supplement the drill experience. Two particular scenarios were prepared: (1) an immediate medical evacuation and (2) a firefighting exercise. For the first scenario, a designated injured individual was carried by the recovery team on a spine board towards an ambulance. This was then followed by the second scenario wherein a fire was started and a firefighting team arrived at the scene to put out the flames.


Image 3: The medical evacuation and firefighting conducted

The conclusion of the NSED was followed by a debriefing led by Kapitan Mappala. Members of the barangay shared their observed successes and gaps during the simulation. Representative Franklin Joshua Gali was also requested to share their observations and points for improvement. The UP Barangay Campus committed to implementing these suggestions for future NSEDs.

Image 4: Debriefing of UP Barangay Campus after the NSED


Prepared by:


Franklin Joshua G. Gali
Junior Project Assistant