UP RI and UPV Resilience Hub Preliminary Engagement Meeting

On January 15, 2024 representatives of the UP Resilience Institute (UP RI) led by Institution Building (IB) Director Prof. Genaro Cuaresma, Education Director Prof. Ruben Gamala, and Junior Project Assistant Franklin Joshua Gal attended a preliminary engagement meeting in UP Visayas (UPV). Together with UPV Chancellor Camposano, UPV Vice Chancellor for Research and Extension Prof. Yap, UPV Vice Chancellor for Administration Dr. Farisal Bagsit, and UPV Dean of the School of Technology Dr. Ramer Bautista, they discussed the establishment of a potential Resilience Hub.

Image 1: UP RI and UPV Representatives in Preliminary Engagement Meeting

Prof. Cuaresma opened the meeting by discussing the role of UP RI’s IB division in the process of establishing Hubs. Emphasizing on how each constituent university would use their specialties and expertise for these centers, Prof. Cuaresma shared with the group the examples of UPLB’s INREM and UP Mindanao’s DiWA.

UPV Chancellor Camposano responded to this with enthusiasm as he mentioned that Resilience Hubs provide “opportunities for collaboration and recognition.” It was suggested that the university’s existing Coastline Protection Program be used as the starting point for UPV. One of their goals is to have their potential Hub become recognized by the national government as to have the support needed to extend these services all over the country.

Image 2: UP RI – IB Director Prof. Cuaresma sharing with the group IB’s mandate

As the discussions went on, they identified that the Hub’s focus may include Coastal Protection, Resilience, and Sustainable Development. These topics would ensure that the focus not only be on the protection of the physical environment but also the growth of local communities.

The meeting ended with Prof. Cuaresma sharing with the group the processes involved and the timeline of submission. Moving forward, UPV will submit the documents necessary for the establishment of their Resilience Hub.

Prepared by:

Franklin Joshua G. Gali