UPRI – RCW finalizes “Panahon Na!” Storyboard

During the first week of January 2024, the UP Resilience Institute (RI) Research and Creative Work Division (RCW) finalized the storyboard for “Panahon Na!” a multiplatform media campaign teaching climate, environment, and resilience concepts to children three years old and above.

The Panahon Na!  is an audiovisual comic series spanning 12 episodes. The story, designed using OBE or Outcome-Based Education approach, will be for children and will discuss protected areas and the family and the environment as wealth. With a futuristic, sci-fi approach, the story will also integrate modern-day trends and technologies to be more relatable. Concerns about climate-indexed diseases will also be tackled.

Trivia and additional information about the concepts discussed within the episodes will also be uploaded on social media on other days of the week.

Initially conceptualized as a social media infographic campaign, plans for “Panahon Na!” have expanded to include an illustrated children’s book and an educational children’s TV program in partnership with TVUP.