UPRI YouthMappers Receives Pinaka Awesome (OSM) Award and Mabiskugon Award at Pista ng Mapa 2023

The UP Resilience Institute YouthMappers received the “Pinaka Awesome (OSM) Award” during the Recognition Night at Pista ng Mapa 2023 held at UP Tacloban College. This recognition not only reflects the outstanding collective efforts of the organization but also shines a spotlight on the exceptional achievements of two of our student leaders, Markel Rivera and Erika del Rosario, who received individual awards, namely the “Mabiskugon Award“, for their remarkable contributions.

Markel Rivera, 4th year BS Geography, and his active involvement in mapping initiatives have left an indelible mark on the organization, showcasing his commitment to making a positive impact through open geospatial technology.

Simultaneously, Erika del Rosario’s award is a testament to her exceptional efforts in empowering communities through mapping. Erika del Rosario is a 4th year BS Geography and the Director of External Affairs of UPRI YouthMappers. Her advocacy for inclusivity and the utilization of geospatial technology as a tool for positive change has resonated within the organization and made a meaningful impact in the broader mapping community.

The Pinaka Awesome (OSM) Award, coupled with the individual recognitions for Markel Rivera and Erika del Rosario, collectively reflects the exceptional achievements of UPRi YouthMappers. This success reinforces the organization’s dedication to nurturing young talent in the open mapping arena. It showcases their role in creating a community of mappers committed to making a positive difference in the world.

Pista ng Mapa 2023 has solidified our standing in the open mapping community and set the stage for our young mappers’ continued excellence and transformative impact.