Community Readiness Takes Center Stage as Sanay Agap Iglap (SA IGLAP) Training Prepares for Launch

In a proactive move towards disaster preparedness, a crucial meeting was convened earlier today to discuss the forthcoming Sanay Agap Iglap (SA IGLAP) training program. Led by Dr. Glecy Atienza of UPRI and Miss Amedia Tomie of NSTP, the session gathered volunteers and organizers to delve into the intricacies of this vital initiative.

Dr. Glecy Atienza, at the helm of the meeting, unveiled the comprehensive approach of SA IGLAP, underscoring its focus on awareness, preparedness, and leadership. With a packed agenda spanning three days—April 11, 12, and 15, 2024—the program promises a holistic training experience for all participants.

Scheduled activities include community mapping and assessment, skills-sharing sessions on disaster management, evacuation procedures, communication protocols, and first aid training. The climax of the training will be an immersive earthquake drill, providing a real-world simulation for participating communities.

Set to take place at the College of Fine Arts, College of Science, with Village B, Daang Tubo and communities actively engaged, SA IGLAP aims to empower participants with practical skills and knowledge crucial for effective disaster response.

During the meeting, volunteers were briefed on their roles and responsibilities, emphasizing the importance of their support in facilitating a seamless training experience.

Participants and volunteers alike were reminded of the essential items to bring, including water, utensils, notebooks, whistles, and flashlights. Dr. Glecy Atienza highlighted the need for resourcefulness and environmental consciousness, aligning with the ethos of SA IGLAP.

Ameda Toleda of NSTP introduces the volunteers to the SANAY AGAP IGLAP Training activity.

Questions were fielded regarding logistics, with clarity provided that participants are expected to procure their own supplies, fostering a sense of self-reliance and initiative.

The meeting concluded with expressions of gratitude from the OVCCA and NSTP representatives, alongside the unveiling of the SA IGLAP logo—a symbol of unity and preparedness in the face of adversity.

As preparations intensify and excitement builds, SA IGLAP stands poised to equip communities with the tools and knowledge needed to navigate crises effectively, embodying the spirit of resilience and collective action.