NOAH WEBSITE NEW FEATURE: Users can now drag the pin to change their location

It has been a while since we deployed a new feature on the NOAH website. The revamped NOAH website was launched last October 2021 to provide users with an updated dashboard interface that builds upon and improves NOAH’s features. More than a facelift, the revamped NOAH website is geared to allow users to be more informed and better prepared to deal with hazards that may affect the areas they live and work in.

The new feature allows users to drag the pin to change to their desired location on the Know Your Hazards page ( It is designed to help users instantly change their location, assess their exposure to hazards such as floods, landslides, and storm surges, check the critical facilities near the area, and suggest what to do during disaster events.


We always aim to improve the user experience to ensure we communicate science effectively. If you have any feedback or feature requests, please answer this form!