Campus Overview

In 1975, under the term of UP President Onofre D. Corpus, an autonomous unit was created by an interdisciplinary team in order to establish what would become the country’s premiere institution for fisheries and marine science education and research. On 31st of May 1979 the Board of Regents (BOR) approved the establishment of the University of the Philippines in the Visayas (UPV). It merged four UP colleges: UP College of Fisheries in Diliman, UP Cebu, UP College Iloilo and UP Tacloban.

UPV was operationalized on the 30th of October 1980 via the Executive Order No. 628 issued by President Ferdinand Marcos. Its main campus is in the municipality of Miagao which is 41 kilometers from Iloilo City while the College of Fisheries, located in the Iloilo Campus was to become its flagship college. Site development and facility construction of the campus began in September of 1981 as funded by the Sixth Educational Loan of the Philippine Government as approved by the World Bank. The $17.63 million loan was used for site acquisition, building construction, equipment procurement and personnel and property transfer from the Diliman and Iloilo campuses. The campus was built on 1.3 hectares that covers 21 barangays.

In 1988, Chancellor Rogelio Juliano and Dean Efren Ed C. Flores began the transfer of the College of Fisheries from Iloilo to the Miagao campus. This was followed by the transfer of the Division of Humanities and the Division of Social Sciences under CAS on June of 1990 under the direction of Chancellor Francisco Nemenzo. In May of 1993 the Office of the Dean also transferred along with the Division of Physical Sciences and Mathematics and the Division of Biological Sciences. This completed the transfer of the whole College of Arts and Sciences from the Iloilo campus to the Miagao campus (UP Visayas, 2015).