UPRI NOAH WebGIS participates in 4As Writeshop and Presentation of Outputs in Aklan, Philippines

The UPRI – NOAH WebGIS team actively participated in the Academic Alliance for Anticipatory Action Writeshop and Presentation of Outputs held at Microtel, Boracay, Malay, Aklan, held last December 12-14, 2023. The primary objectives of this engagement were to present the project findings to relevant stakeholders from the Panay region, validate initial findings, seek additional inputs for the improvement of Work Package (WP) 1, WP 2-A, and WP-2 analyses, and collectively draft final project outputs, including a Terminal Report and three journal articles. This participation underscores our dedication to collaboration, stakeholder engagement, and disseminating valuable research outputs to enhance disaster resilience in the Panay region.

During the event, the WebGIS team specifically showcased their work on WP 2-A, focusing on presenting an Impact-Based Flood Forecasting tool for anticipatory action integrated into the NOAH website (https://noah.up.edu.ph). The team emphasized that this tool holds significant utility for various organizations involved in anticipatory actions. The ensuing discussions proved fruitful, with participants expressing appreciation for the tool and committing to validate results based on the tools’ models. This positive reception highlights the potential impact of the UPRI team’s efforts in advancing anticipatory action strategies for disaster resilience.

In summary, our active involvement in the Academic Alliance event not only contributed to the collaborative efforts of the wider research community but also showcased the practical application of UPRI in providing valuable tools for anticipatory action, fostering a positive response from engaged stakeholders committed to enhancing disaster resilience in the Panay region.