(WATCH) Dr. Lagmay in GMA Integrated News Need to Know Episode: “Metro Manila, Posible bang maging flood-free?”


Video courtesy of GMA Integrated News YouTube Channel


Dr. Mahar Lagmay was interviewed for GMA Integrated News “Need to Know” episode “Metro Manila, posible bang maging flood-free?” (Metro Manila, is it possible for it to be flood-free?). “Need to Know” is an online video series under GMA Digital Video Section. It produces explainer videos on current affairs.

In this episode, Dr. Lagmay discussed floodplains – a place where water flows naturally. He mentioned that over time, these floodplains were converted into subdivisions or built over. Those areas are then prone to flooding because the water will naturally flow down their original path. The people living in those areas will then be surprised by the flooding because they do not realize they are in what was once a creek or stream.

He furthers it by saying that simply building a dam or dike is not an economically viable solution, the structure would have to be large to hold back the water. The effects of the flood, however, can be mitigated by giving the affected populace adequate warning.

Concluding his interview, he parts with some words of advice, that we should not be focused on fighting the symptoms of the floods but should target the root cause. We should focus on sustainable development and holistic solutions.

You can watch the full episode here.