Exploratory Talks of UP RI with the Municipality of Liliw, Laguna

On May 26, 2023, the UP Resilience Institute (UP RI) and the Municipality of Liliw held an Exploratory Meeting with the office of Mayor Idelfonso D. Monleon of the Municipality of Liliw. The meeting was the first of the two initial meetings set with the municipality.  The UP RI represented by Supervising Science Research Specialist Rojo Guerrero T. Padilla discussed briefly the risks of Climate Change, Climate Change Adaptation, and the Initiatives of UP RI in providing capacity building training to the Municipality of Liliw.  The meeting was held in the height of the impending super typhoon Betty (with international name Banwar).

The points that were discussed are the possible partnership and collaboration between the two institutions. This collaboration and partnership is envisioned to result in the possible updating of their preparedness plans and contingency actions plans, capacity building, and possible Climate Change Adaptation training.

The meeting briefly discussed flooding in the area and the possibility of mudslide and flash-floods. The municipality also expressed their regret that the meeting was brief because Mayor Monleon had to go to an emergency meeting in Batangas and prepare for the impending storm. In this light, Drainage Master Planning (DMP) was also discussed in passing and how the Municipality can benefit from it. While the meeting was brief, they have, however, expressed their enthusiasm in the upcoming meeting which will happen next month.

By Rojo Padilla (May 30, 2023)

Municipality of Liliw’s Municipal Administrator Ms. Ordoveza and MDRRMO Mr. Monfero and UP RI SSRS Mr. Rojo Guerrero Padilla met to discuss possible collaboration and partnership with the said Municipality.