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6th National Dialogue Platform on Anticipatory Action in the Philippines

– UPD Student Orgs’ Actions for Resilience: The Role of Student Organizations in UP Diliman on Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation

Start of Registration: 2nd National Conference of the Philippine Academic Society for Climate and Disaster Resilience (PASCDR)

Expanding Horizons and Sharing Experiences: The PhilPrep South-South Learning Exchange

Call for Abstracts: 2nd National Conference of the Philippine Academic Society for Climate and Disaster Resilience (PASCDR)

SAFER-U Project Site Visit in Northwest Samar State University (NwSSU) and Samar State University (SSU)

Upcoming Event: UPD Student Orgs’ Actions for Resilience

State of the Humanitarian System Report Launch in the Philippines

– The Power of Partnership: PhilPrep’s Approach to Humanitarian Action

– UPRI Roundtable Discussion with the Philippine Academic Society for Climate and Disaster Resilience (PASCDR) and the Philippine Preparedness Partnership (PhilPrep)


About Us



A leading academic institution in empowering people for the promotion and sustenance of climate change and disaster resilience through formal and informal educational programs.



– To support and facilitate the development of formal academic programs within the UP System on climate change and disaster risk resilience.

– To develop capacities that will empower organizations, institutions, and communities towards disaster resilience.

– To strengthen the academic community in their efforts in integrating and mainstreaming DRR and CCA in their educational programs, namely teaching, research, and extension services.


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Programs and Projects

Formal Education Programs


Academic Support Programs:

  • Resource for NSTP (National Service Training Program)

In support of University units and stakeholders in their programs pertaining to climate change and disaster resilience, the UPRI Education Division serves as resource speakers on climate and disaster resilience for the National Service Training Program of the University.

The UP Resilience Institute Internship Program is open to undergraduate students from various disciplines who would like to experience work in disaster and climate science. The program is open during the Midyear of the UP Academic Calendar.


Non-formal Education Programs



As part of the mandate of the UPRI Education Division to provide information and education support to both U.P. constituents and the public, the UPRI Talk discuss varying and relevant issues affecting our local, national, and international communities in relation to climate change, disaster mitigation, and adaptation, and resilience building.


Special Projects


Assessment of the Socio-Economic Impact of the COVID-19 Outbreak in Selected Urban and Rural Communities

This research program deals with the assessment of the socio-economic impact of the Covid 19 in selected urban and rural communities. It aims to:

· To determine the understanding of people from poor urban and rural communities that underwent community quarantine on Covid 19.
· To assess the responses of the families and communities to the Covid 19 epidemic.
· To assess the impact of the Covid 19 interventions on the socio-economic life of the poor and marginalized families in urban and rural communities, particularly looking at the aspect of education, health, economy, pyscho-social, social cohesion and conflict.
· To identify mitigation measures to reduce the adverse effects of the Covid 19 interventions and ways to recover the socio-economic life from the impact of the epidemic.

The study has two components, namely: Component A – research in Quezon City and Laguna, supported by the University of the Philippines and Component B – research in Manila and Pampanga, supported by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST).




Philippine Academic Society for Climate and Disaster Resilience (PASCDR)

The Philippine Academic Society for Climate and Disaster Resilience (PASCDR) is a network of academics from different colleges and universities with the aim to help build disaster resilient people, communities, institutions and society through education, research, advocacy and public services. It was established in 2019 during the national conference on “Strengthening the Role of the Academe in Climate and Disaster Resilience” sponsored by the U.P. Resilience Institute. The UPRI serves as the Secretariat of the organization.

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 Philippine Preparedness Partnership (PhilPrep)

PhilPrep is the national chapter in the Philippines of the Asian Preparedness Partnership (APP) established by the Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC). The APP is a regional partnership which includes countries from South and Southeast Asia to better prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters.

The UP Resilience Institute joins the Philippine Preparedness Partnership (PhilPrep), making the tripartite partnership composed of the Office of Civil Defense (OCD) representing the government, the Philippine Disaster Resilience Foundation (PDRF) representing the private sector, and the Center for Disaster Preparedness (CDP) representing the civil society organizations, a quartet. PhilPrep is expanding its membership to include the academe and has invited the UPRI as its representative.

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Telephone: (02)8981-8500 loc. 3771

Address: 2nd floor, UP Resilience Institute, Magsaysay Ave. cor. Apacible St., UP Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines